Edison Boys’ game of the season…..

Our boys have gotten so used to winning, that it has come to be expected.

But, tonight was an exception!

1.  10 Goals = We are hot!

2.  3 Wins = yeah, and…..?

3.  Sunset League Clinched = “Can you say ‘back to back’?”

4.  Experience of playing with some exceptional students = PRICELESS

Congratulations to our boys and coaches for an exceptional season and priceless experience for our boys to play and interact with the most exceptional Chargers on campus!

See you all next Wednesday when we close out Sunset League.  Junior Varsity and FroshSoph will be working to close with a “perfect season” with a record of 10-0 and League Champions, and Varsity will be closing their season as Sunset League Champions, “Back to Back.”


To view pictures of the SAC game, see our photo gallery here Sac Exhibition Game (CLICK HERE)